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Aqua Node Mandappam Coast Guard Regatta 2015
21 – 24 May 2015, Mandappam.
Race results.

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Three cheers to all the sailors who made India and RMYC proud.
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21st - 24th MAY 2015

More details on the above can be had by addressing your email to rmyc.sailingclub@gmail.com

This is the second edition of the AQUA NODE MANDAPPAM COAST GUARD REGATTA which RMYC organised in association with the Coast Guard Eastern Region. In all, there were about 25 boats big and small. The Regatta attracted over 60 odd enthusiasts across a wide range of skill sets and age (8 to 65 years). Participation was from Ernnakulam Sailing Club, TNSA and the Coast Guard Eastern Region and their guests apart from, and of course, our own RMYC.

This was the time of the month when the tide was low and navigating through the reef challenging. The wind speed on day 1, 2 and 3 was in the region of 27 - 32 knot (50 to 65 km/h approx.). On day 4 it was more manageable, under 20 kn. Racing in these conditions was a tall task, many races had to be called off. Overall, the experience and the lessons learnt was well worth the effort.

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We had a super adventurous regatta at Mandapam. With the weather gods testing our perseverance at 25 to 30 knots of wind, you could really have an adrenaline rush just by sailing the Seabird. The other boats had their fair share of fun as well, with Opti taking the cup.

We had some great moments- the Titanic (seabird) capsizing. Amit coming first in Kayaking... Wait, did he round the mark? :) The Harley riders parade. And of course, the cherry on top was the hovercraft ride.

However, there were some (un)fair share of boat damages too. Ripped sails. Broken rudder, boom, etc. But on the positive side, as someone said... Yay! We're gonna upgrade.

Now, on a serious note RMYC Lascars deserve a special mention for their heroic efforts in these tough weather conditions, they put their life at risk and rescued many people and boats. Every day, many boats capsize. RMYC Lascars not only rescued the boats, they put in extended hours to fix the boats for next days race. No matter how long it takes. We would often see them working late at night. KUDOS to the hard working tribe.



The week before last seems like a "storm in a tea cup". With my wounds drying up and my bones aching less, the memory of the Aqua Node regatta brings a sweet taste to my mind (including the late night pit stops organized by Rajkumar, Saravanan and the Raus at an undisclosed location by the beach ....

It was fun to spend so much of time with so many people and from an organizational stand point, I want to thank the Commodore for the transport of the boats to Mandappam, the Club staff were on a 24x7 mission and so many sailing moms and sailors pitched to make the event fun.

Sometimes, I wonder what the real reason of a regatta is!!! Heaven knows ... All I can say is that its gives me a fabulous interaction with my fraternity, binds my relationships with those I have known over the last 10's of years and of course make new friends (and some enemies - sorry guys, there were times in this regatta when I said no to some people who wanted to race - I did not think it was safe on that day with winds gusting up to 32 k. (BTW, the runway for flights was closed at Purundu for safety reasons and the rail bridge was non operational due to excessive wind ... I did not know this then)


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The Club can be reached at www.rmycofficial.in.