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Aqua Node Mandappam Coast Guard Regatta 2015
21 – 24 May 2015, Mandappam.
Race results.

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Three cheers to all the sailors who made India and RMYC proud.
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Merchant & Professionals Regatta December 2014
12 - 14 December 2014, Chennai.
For details and registration, call Chinna Reddy 9884880709.
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YAI certified Powerboat Training October 2014
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16 – 22 DECEMBER 2014, CHENNAI, INDIA. For details download NOR.
Our young sailors do us proud
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RMYC 420 nationals 2013
Results of the recently concluded 420 Coastal Nationals (view details)
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Madras Musings Heritage tour in collaboration with Royal Madras Yacht Club 26th Aug 2012
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RESULTS of 420 Coastal National Championship 2012
22nd - 27th May 2012

Press are regatta. More details on the above can be had by addressing your email to rmyc.sailingclub@gmail.com

Press persons interested in covering the event may contact our press coordinator Ms. Gayatree 94440 49492 to request for Port Entry Passes or daily results.

Day - 5, 26/05/2012

The National Championship concluded today with the team of Mr. Yakobu K. and Mr. Rajeev Kumar (AWSA – Hydrabad)) managing to hold down the young team of Upamanyu Dutta and Hussain Arssiwalla (RBYC – Bombay) in the final race. In true championship form, even the last race was critical and the decider for this well contended event.

Race no: 11 and 12 were sailed today and the final points after 2 discards are: (download pdf)

Open Category:

Winner: Mr. K. Yakubu with crew Rajeev Kumar (AWSA – Hydrabad) with 13 penalty points

Second Place : Mr. Upamanyu Dutta with Hussain Arssiwala (RBYC-Bombay) with 21 penalty points

Third Place : Mr. Imo Lemnok with crew Pankaj Kumar (INWTC – Mumbai) with 30 penalty points

Juniors U19 Category:

First Place : Mr. Upamanyu Dutta with crew Hussain Arssiwala (RBYC-Bombay)

Second Place : Ms. Zephra Currimbhoy with crew Megnaa BT (RMYC-Chennai)

Third place : Mr. Shiv Rekhi with crew Ankit George (RMYC – Chennai)

The GAMESA Cup for the Festival of Sails competed in the Sea Bird class

Winners : Mr. Vivek Shanbhag (RMYC) with Abimanyu, Ashwin & Satish as crew

Second Place : Mr. Robin (RMYC) with Harish and Jerish as crew

Third place : Mr. Sherry Bamboat (RBYC) with Gayathree, Rafiq and Ayappa as crew

Tomorrow, will be the “off shore” and the completion of the Optimist challenge.

Click on image to enlarge


Right to left WInners , Second and Third Place - Overall

Right To left Pictures of the Winners, Runner's Up and third place in The Youth Category


Day - 4, 25/05/2012

The jinx broke with the duo from the RMYC Bombay Mr. Upmanyu Dutta and Mr.Hussain Arassiwalla 1st. in all the three races of today. It may have been the briefing or the golden touch [from the 5 times Asian Games Medalist and 3 times Olympic sailor Commander Farookh Tarapore who is in Chennai to oversee the Nationals in this 420 class of boat – a boat sailed at the Asian Games and a stepping stone to it’s older sibling the 470] that saw the fleet tighten and positions change like never before in this regatta. Also, commendable was the performance of Commander Atool Sinha [Asian Games Silver Medalist in Match Racing at China] and crew Ashok Kumar finish 2nd. in one race. Today, the weather looked all set to play the spoilt sport but was incredible instead … despite the fact that the wind never shifted direction to come from the ocean [SE] and breeze till the end of the day it stayed steady and strong. The swell in the ocean was in excess of 1.5 meters and this gave the brave added benefit on the down winds.

The Festival of Sails to win The GAMESA Trophy saw a superb spectacle of several classes of boats sailing in a combined race with sailors from an age group of 8 to 70 years of age … all racing together. This event is being run to introduce the sport to newcomers of all ages. Today’s two races were won by Capt. Vivek Shanbhag’s boat.

At the end of race 10, the overall final finishing positions with discards are: (download pdf)


First: Mr. Yakobu K with crew Mr. Rajiv Kumar AWSA Hussain Club (12 penalty points)

Second: Mr. Upamanyu Dutta with crew Hussain Arassiwalla RBYC Club Mumbai (20 penalty points)

Third : Mr. Imo Lemnok with crew Mr. Pankaj Kumar INWTC Mumbai (26 Penalty points)

Fourth :Ms. Zephra Currimbhoy with crew Ms. Megna BT RMYC – Chennai (40 penalty points),

Fifth : Mr. Mahendran and Haridass AYN Mumbai (59 points)


First: Mr. Upamanyu Dutta with crew Hussain Arassiwalla RBYC Club Mumbai

Second: Ms. Zephra Currimbhoy with crew Ms. Megna BT RMYC – Chennai

Third : Mr. Shiv Rekhi with crew Ankit George RMYC – Chennai

Click on image to enlarge


Atool Sinha

Yakubu on reach


Day - 3, 24/05/2012

Day Three of the 420 Sailing Nationals started off after a series of course adjustments today owing to the shifting winds. Finally, the wind settled at 2:30 pm. with a light and tricky breeze. Race no: 6 commenced to see the K.Yakobu and Rajeev Kumar hold their lead and Upamanyu Dutta and Hussain K. finish just on their stern. The RMYC team of Rufus Patric and Avinash Shanbhag did some excellent drill and finished in the top five today.

The next race saw Upumanyu and Hussain round just behind the leading boat at the top mark and subsequently pip them at the finish. This is the first time in this series that the anyone managed to beat the team from Hydrabad ... Upumanyu and Hussain sail for the Royal Bombay Yacht Club.

The final positions after the completion of 7 races with discart are:

First: Mr. Yakubu K with crew Rajeev of the AWSA - Hyderabad with 6 penalty points.

Second: Mr. Imo Lemnok with crew Mr. Pankaj Kumar INWTC - Bombay with 14 points

Third : Mr. Upamanyu Dutta and Mr. Hussain K of RBYC - Bombay with 17 penalty points.

Click on image to enlarge


Jybe mark rounding

Jybe mark rounding -2


Lee Mark rounding

Mark Rounding

RMYC boats getting the better of each other

Rufus and Avinash

Shiv and Ankit -1

Shiv and Ankit -2

Surfing the wave

The reach

The run


Up wind


Day - 2, 23/05/2012

Raymond’s 420 Sailing Nationals saw some serious sailing with teams from Hyderabad and Mumbai consolidating their lead. The weather was perfect with winds blowing SSE at a steady 8 to 10 knots. The sea swells were manageable at 1 to 1.5 m. which helped the boats plane and go at great speeds down wind.

Helm Yakabo with crew Rajeev Kumar from AWSA Hydrabad are clear leaders with 5 points followed by Helm Imo Lemnok and crew Panjak Kumar from INWTC Mumbai with 12 points. RMYC’s sailors Shiv Rekhi and crew Ankit George worked hard and finished in the top 5 to consolidate their position.

Provisional results At the end of 5 races are:

First : Yakabo & Rajeev Kumar (AWSA) 5 points

Second : Imo Lemnok & Panjak Kumar (INWTC) 12 points

Third : Zephra Currimbhoy & Megna B.T (RMYC) 24 points

Racing continues till Saturday in this 12 race series

Click on image to enlarge






Shiv Rekhi & Ankit George

SHiv Rekhi powering the boat

The Start of race 5

Upamanyu & Hussain

Squeezing the mark to victory

Yakobu in the lead

Zephra & Megna

Zephra & Megna around the wind mark


Day - 1, 22/05/2012

The 420 Class of boats racing the Nationals in Chennai saw a fleet of 18 boats race today. The races were held in the open sea, North of the shipping channel with winds from the South East of 10 to 12 knots and a swell exceeding 1 m.

The fleet comprised sailors from Hydrabad, Bhopal, Bombay and Chennai. The days racing saw Mr. K. Yakoobu and Rajiv Kumar of AWSA finish first in both races.

Race 1: Ms. Zephra and Ms. Megna of RMYC finish second and Mr. Upamanyu and Mr. Hussain of RBYC finished third .

Race 2: Mr. Imo Lemnok of INWTC with Mr. Pankaj Kumar of INWTC finished second, and Mr. Upamanyu and Mr. Hussain of RBYC finished third.

The Nationals is to be run as a series of 12 races and three races are scheduled for tomorrow and the day after.

On Friday and Saturday, the Festival of sails will see a superb spectacle of several classes of boats sailing in a combined race with sailors from an age group of 8 to 70 years of age … all racing together. The results will be declared using the Ports Mouth handicap.

Click on image to enlarge


After the START


Avinash & Rufus

Avinash & Rufus





Sachin & Asif

Shiv & Ankit

The flee

The race

The start

Upa & Hussain

Zephra & Megna


The Club can be reached at www.rmycofficial.in.